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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                  49

claimed to give time to make up the new tribunals,

The Archbishop of Narbonne (Dillon) made a
strange, fulsome speech to the King, at the head
of the clergy. He exclaimed, " Sommes - nous
done une horde 6trangere dans l'útat ? " Louis,
contrary to custom, answered by heart, but his
memory failed him and, after two attempts to re-
collect himself, he gave it up.

The Chatelet, unfa voce, has refused to act
instead of the Parliament, so the King and his
ministers will be finely hampered.

M. d'Agoult is universally reprobated for his
officiousness in this business.

14^. The Ch^telet has refused all the minis-
terial offers.

i^th. Madame de Sillery brought the Princes
to take leave of Mrs. S. before they go to St.
Leu for the summer.

22nd. The report is that Dupaty drew up that
part of the Garde des Sceaux's (Lamoignon 1)
preamble which regards law, and Abb6 Maury the
rest. Upon which someone observed the Garde
des Sceaux's motto ought to be "aut pati aut
mori/' formerly that of St. Theresa.

The clergy have in their assembly, at the in-
stance of the Bishop of Blois, instituted a committee

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